Strategic Planning

  • Business plans with short-term and long-term implications
    • Your business plan needs to be more than a general road map in your head. It needs to be written down with a very specific structure.
    • We can work together to come up with a plan, put it on paper, and start executing it.
  • Realistic goal setting, monitoring, and reporting on a monthly or quarterly basis
    • Your plan is only as good as its execution. Once the plan is in place, I can help you with ongoing assessment and reporting to determine what's working, what's not, and what the plans are for the future.
  • Project implementation based on a strategic plan
    • Once the plan is in place, you may require outside help to handle the pieces that your internal teams cannot. I will work with you to fill those 'gaps' by personally handling the issues or engaging professionals from my network.
  • Yearly growth assessment and "evergreen" planning for ongoing results
    • As you know, any plan is not static. It changes as time goes by and new goals are established. I will continue to work with you on an ongoing basis to always be reviewing the plan and putting the strategy in place for the next move.