How it Works

Getting started with a business consultant is straightforward, and your relationship should be a learning experience. Here are the simple steps involved in working together.


The Agreement

We will both sign a non-disclosure agreement that will protect all of your business information that we use together in our relationship. It's important for you to feel confident that you are protected, and by both of us signing this agreement, you can trust that every conversation, document, and interaction is confidential.


The Review

Your business has a lot going on. There are employees, clients, marketing, bookkeeping, and more. The initial review and assessment will give us both a chance to take a look at your business from a fresh perspective and try to understand what's really going on. Together we will find the good things and uncover the bad things so that we can put together a plan to get everything moving in the right direction.

During this phase, I will review your books (if necessary and appropriate), interview employees, take a thorough tour of your facility, and engage the management team in several discussions about successes, failures, goals, and the state of the company.


The Plan

After the initial review is completed you will get a report that details the findings and gives options for a variety of ways to move forward. Perhaps some changes are needed in your marketing strategy and execution. Maybe you have some employees "in the wrong seats" and personnel changes may be in order. Your process may be broken, and you need some guidance to fix it. Whatever the case, the plan will explain the findings and give you what you need to get things on track.


The Execution

We will work together to put the plan into action. You and your team will do some of the things while I do the other things with my team. The best part is that we decide together how it will work, and between your people and my network of professionals, we get it done! We use the best resources for the job to get things done quickly, efficiently, and for the lowest possible cost.